Revitalising Urban Skylines One Pane at a Time

We change the face of the city

With each glazing project, ADCO Glazing reimagines the character of cityscapes, adding a fresh touch of modern elegance to urban life. Through our unique blend of design, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology, we transform buildings into landmarks and houses into homes.

At ADCO Glazing, we deeply understand the transformative power of exceptional glazing. With every pane we install, we carry with us a profound commitment to quality, hard work, and a customer-centric approach. This is not just our business, it’s our passion. We pledge to continue striving for excellence, always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in glazing solutions. We don’t just change the face of the city – we change lives and we couldn’t be more proud to do so.

Adrian Dumitru

CEO & founder, ADCo glazing


ADCO Glazing specialises in transforming residential spaces with high-quality, beautifully designed glazing solutions. Our services enhance living environments, bringing the fusion of natural light and modern aesthetics to your home.

Disbury Center Residential

  • Status: FINISHED
  • Manchester, UK

Revitalising Didsbury Centre with Comprehensive Glazing Solutions: An ADCO Masterpiece in Manchester’s Historic Heart

Nestled in the thriving epicentre of London, the Didsbury Centre Residential Development stands as a beacon of ADCO Glazing’s dedication to unrivalled craftsmanship, affordability, and excellence. This project, embodying the successful creation of 148 meticulously designed one, two, and three-bedroom apartments – 71 of which are in London – exemplifies our finesse and the transformative impact of our products on urban living spaces.

Realised in February 2022, this prestigious development marked an enriching collaboration with Bugler, a valued client who mirrors our unwavering commitment to first-rate quality and shares our vision for crafting living environments that genuinely captivate and inspire. The selection of Velfac v200 for the project, spanning a considerable area of 2800 sqm, was instrumental in achieving the striking aesthetics and robust energy efficiency that have become synonymous with the ADCO Glazing brand.

Perfectly positioned at the Didsbury Centre, the development offers its residents the unique privilege of experiencing Manchester’s vibrant city pulse while revelling in the tranquillity and luxury of their beautiful homes. With its design penned by the acclaimed architectural firm dRMM, the development artfully blends sleek, contemporary aesthetics with a welcoming and homely ambience, making it more than just a place to live but a space to thrive.

By offering these high-quality apartments at affordable rents, ADCO Glazing emphasises our steadfast commitment to making superior living spaces accessible to a broader audience. As we continue to shape the face of cities across the UK, the Didsbury Centre Residential Development is a proud testament to our journey, reflecting our unwavering dedication to quality, affordability, and exceptional craftsmanship. Each completed project is not just another milestone but a testament to our persistent professionalism and commitment to creating better living spaces for all.

Goodluck Hope

  • Status: FINISHED
  • London, UK

Goodluck Hope Project: Crafting Waterfront Elegance with Glazing Excellence in East London

Nestled on the historic Leamouth Peninsula, the Goodluck Hope project is a masterstroke of urban regeneration and architectural innovation. ADCO Glazing, with its unmatched proficiency and commitment to quality, proudly contributed to the creation of this breathtaking riverside neighbourhood comprised of 841 homes. With our precision-cut glazing solutions, we have added an element of resplendent elegance to each of these residences, offering residents sweeping views of the River Thames and the remarkable London cityscape.

Situated directly on the River Thames and surrounded by water on three sides, Goodluck Hope exudes an almost island-like charm. This unique placement results in a visual spectacle, a perfect synergy between our glazing solutions, the panoramic water vistas, and the city skyline. We took the challenge head-on to ensure our glazing work mirrored this development’s exceptional architectural vision and seamlessly integrated into its aesthetic fabric.

As Ballymore’s latest triumph in East London, Goodluck Hope is more than a residential space – it’s a thriving community-centric development. ADCO Glazing’s design acumen has also enhanced the 2,300 sq m of commercial space in the master plan, fostering a vibrant and conducive environment for businesses to thrive. Moreover, our commitment to the future is reflected in our work on the 250 sq m dedicated education space. We ensured that our glazing solutions maximise natural light, fostering a learning environment that is both inspiring and comfortable.

Our efforts also extend to the preservation of local heritage. The restored Grade II-listed Orchard Dry Dock is a proud symbol of the area’s rich history. Our sensitive and respectful approach ensured that our modern glazing solutions harmoniously co-exist with the vintage aesthetic of this landmark, offering a timeless appeal.

The Goodluck Hope project is a testament to ADCO Glazing’s unyielding commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. We have met and surpassed the expectations set for this project, demonstrating our capability to deliver on large-scale, ambitious ventures. By skillfully blending innovative design with meticulous execution, we are redefining the benchmark for glazing solutions in urban living spaces, one project at a time.

Green Lane

  • Status: FINISHED
  • London, UK

London’s Modern Facade, Enhanced by ADCO Glazing’s Craftsmanship and Innovation

The Green Lane Development isn’t just an addition to London’s architectural panorama. It’s a remarkable showcase of ADCO Glazing’s commitment to superior craftsmanship and Ballymore’s relentless dedication to transformative urban regeneration in East London. Nestled on a coveted waterfront location, flanked by water on three sides and adjacent to the famed London City Island, this development is a testament to our proficiency in delivering superior glazing solutions that define luxury and embrace urban vibrancy.

This formidable project features a master plan that transcends conventional residential design, offering 133 new homes across six impressive blocks, ranging from 4 to 7 storeys. Each residence is a symbol of ADCO’s passion for quality and precision, featuring our top-tier glazing installations that accentuate architectural aesthetics and boost environmental efficiency.

The Green Lane Development provides high-end living spaces and actively contributes to community growth. An expansive 2,300 sq m of commercial space is strategically integrated, fostering a thriving business hub and redefining the traditional work environment. To nurture future generations, a dedicated 250 sq m education space has been included, signifying the project’s commitment to holistic community development.

Adding to the community-centric design of this project, the development includes a new NHS facility, underscoring the commitment to creating a comprehensive living environment that caters to every need of the residents. Additionally, including a state-of-the-art energy centre to power, the development speaks volumes about the project’s foresight in embracing sustainable living solutions.

ADCO Glazing is tremendously proud of its contribution to the Green Lane Development. Our high-quality glazing solutions perfectly align with the vision for the development, transforming it into a vibrant, connected community that epitomises the spirit of modern waterfront living in London. We are honoured to play our part in reshaping urban landscapes, fulfilling architectural visions, and creating spaces that don’t just meet but exceed expectations. Our work underlines our dedication to professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Temple Cowley

  • Status: FINISHED
  • Oxford, UK

Creating Homely Comfort with Modern Flair at Temple Cowley: ADCO Glazing’s Artistry at Work in Oxford’s Charming Residential Park

We at ADCO Glazing are thrilled to spotlight our Residential Park project nestled in the charming district of Temple Cowley in Oxford. With its rich historical backdrop, academic prestige, and delightful local charm, Oxford provides an ideal setting for our comprehensive glazing services. This residential park project encapsulates our commitment to enhancing local communities through our top-quality glazing services.

Working alongside highly-regarded contractors, we embarked on the Temple Cowley project, aiming to deliver a superior glazing solution that complemented the neighbourhood’s unique blend of historical charm and modern comforts. As a suburb of Oxford, known for its university and charming architectural heritage, Temple Cowley demanded a glazing solution that would not only ensure robust functionality but also add to the aesthetic appeal of the residential park.

Under the careful oversight of our experienced site supervisors and project managers, our team of skilled installers flawlessly executed the glazing installation. Using superior-quality materials and adhering to our rigorous standards of craftsmanship, we achieved a stunning finish that added to the aesthetic appeal of the Residential Park while ensuring optimum functionality.

Throughout this project, we maintained a synergistic collaboration with our contractors and partners. Our Sales & Operations Manager, in collaboration with our estimating managers, ensured a smooth project operation from cost planning to supply chain management, which led to the efficient and successful completion of the project.

The Residential Park project in Temple Cowley, Oxford stands as a testament to ADCO Glazing’s dedication to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. It underscores our capacity to deliver state-of-the-art glazing solutions that respect and enhance the local environment, all while delivering top-tier performance.

Every project undertaken by ADCO Glazing is a reflection of our commitment to delivering excellence. The Residential Park project in Temple Cowley is no exception, exemplifying our ability to marry superior functionality with aesthetically pleasing design, adding value to the communities we serve. This project further solidifies our reputation as a leading glazing supplier and installer across the UK, demonstrating our seamless adaptation to the unique demands of every locale, including the historic city of Oxford.

Copper Building

  • Status: FINISHED

Copper Building Project: Innovating High-Density Living with Unmatched Glazing Expertise

Nestled within the city’s heart, the Copper Building project stands as an epitome of ADCO Glazing’s innovative solutions merging seamlessly with sustainable building performance. This distinctive four-storey building, encased in multi-hued copper cladding, truly captures the essence of thoughtful, higher-density living. With our commitment to unrivalled quality and precision, ADCO Glazing has been instrumental in shaping the building’s striking appearance and improved energy efficiency.

VELFAC units, characterised by their dark framing, have played a pivotal role in defining the building’s aesthetic appeal. These units, elegantly inset within bright yellow detailing, offer a dramatic contrast to the copper cladding. The result is an architectural marvel that immediately captivates onlookers, blending modern design with a warm, inviting atmosphere.

However, it’s not just about external charm. Internally, the white-painted timber frames disappear into white walls, creating a seamless space and tranquillity. This attention to interior detail is a testament to ADCO Glazing’s dedication to enhancing the living experience, balancing design aesthetics with practical functionality.

Externally, the aluminium frames bear a dark bronze anodised finish, meticulously chosen to add specific impact. This strategic use of colour and finish further amplifies the overall appearance, enhancing the building’s contemporary appeal and resonance with the cityscape.
ADCO Glazing has always prioritised sustainability, and this project is no exception. Beyond aesthetics, the glazing solutions employed in the Copper Building project contribute significantly to the building’s overall sustainable performance. By reducing heat loss, improving insulation, and maximising natural light, our glazing solutions ensure the building’s energy efficiency while providing residents with a comfortable living environment.

The Copper Building project is a testament to ADCO Glazing’s unwavering commitment to superior professionalism and relentless pursuit of innovation. We bring our expertise to every project, large or small, delivering high-quality glazing solutions that balance aesthetic appeal with practical functionality and sustainable performance. At ADCO Glazing, we’re not just changing the face of cities – we’re defining the future of sustainable urban living.


Our expertise extends to commercial glazing, offering businesses optimal thermal efficiency, security, and aesthetic appeal. From office spaces to retail environments, ADCO Glazing helps you create a welcoming and productive atmosphere with our bespoke glazing solutions.

Premier Hotel Oxford

  • Status: FINISHED
  • Oxford, UK

Elevating Hospitality Experiences with Superior Glazing: ADCO’s Premier Work

ADCO Glazing is honoured to spotlight one of our prestigious projects – the Premier Hotel, located in the historical and academic city of Oxford. With its iconic architecture, rich history, and the presence of Oxford University, the city presents a unique blend of the traditional and the contemporary. Our Premier Hotel project stands as a testament to our ability to deliver top-tier glazing services that harmonise perfectly with the local environment and architectural tradition.

In partnership with esteemed contractors, we embarked on the Premier Hotel project to provide a hotel facility that combines Oxford’s timeless elegance with contemporary comforts. Integral to achieving this goal was implementing our superior-quality glazing systems, chosen for their aesthetic appeal and robust functionality.

Under the supervision of our experienced site supervisors and project managers, our professional installers carried out the glazing installation with exceptional precision. Utilising the finest materials and paying meticulous attention to detail, we achieved a flawless finish that enhances the architectural elegance of the Premier Hotel.

Throughout the Premier Hotel project, we sustained a productive collaboration with our contractors and partners, ensuring seamless coordination that contributed to the timely and efficient completion of the project. Our Sales & Operations Manager, in partnership with our estimating managers, ensured smooth operations from cost planning to supply chain management, resulting in the precise execution of every aspect of the project.

The Premier Hotel project showcases ADCO Glazing’s unwavering commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. It highlights our ability to work synergistically with local contexts, such as Oxford’s unique historical and academic environment while delivering state-of-the-art glazing solutions.

At ADCO Glazing, every project we undertake echoes our dedication to excellence and quality. The Premier Hotel project in Oxford stands as a glowing symbol of this dedication, demonstrating the exceptional work we consistently deliver across the UK. It is a tangible testament to our capacity to respect and enhance local environments while providing modern, high-quality glazing solutions.

Shakespeare Park ITC Centre

  • Status: FINISHED
  • London, UK

Innovative Glazing Solutions Brightening: ADCO’s Emblem of Expertise in London’s Dynamic Educational Hub

ADCO Glazing is proud to introduce the Shakespeare Road ITC Centre project, one of our esteemed endeavours in the heart of London, a city renowned for its pulsating blend of history, culture, innovation and business dynamism. The ITC Centre, positioned in a thriving city district, stands as an emblem of London’s commitment to progress and digital innovation.

In alliance with highly-regarded contractors, we took on the Shakespeare Road project with a vision of delivering a glazing solution that echoes the contemporary, high-tech ethos of the ITC Centre. Situated in a city that leads the world in technology and innovation, the centre required a glazing service that could enhance its forward-thinking image and robust functional demands.

Our dedicated team of professional installers, guided by our experienced site supervisors and project managers, ensured an impeccable installation that adhered to the highest standards of precision and quality. Utilising premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship, we achieved a seamless finish that contributes to the architectural sophistication of the Shakespeare Road ITC Centre.

Throughout this London-based project, we maintained a dynamic collaboration with our contractors and partners. Headed by our Sales & Operations Manager and our estimating managers, the project operations, from cost estimation to supply chain management, were handled efficiently. This led to the prompt and flawless completion of the project, in line with London’s fast-paced business environment.

The Shakespeare Road ITC Centre project demonstrates ADCO Glazing’s unwavering commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. It exemplifies our ability to harmonise our cutting-edge glazing solutions with the unique character and demands of London’s dynamic environment.

At ADCO Glazing, every project reflects our dedication to excellence. The Shakespeare Road ITC Centre project is a prime example of our capacity to provide outstanding glazing services, delivering on both aesthetic and functional fronts. This project reaffirms our reputation as a leading glazing supplier and installer across the UK, particularly in London, one of the world’s most demanding and exciting cities.

Heyford Park

  • Status: FINISHED
  • Bicester, UK

Reimagining Residential Spaces at Heyford Park: ADCO Glazing’s Commitment to Excellence in Bicester

ADCO Glazing takes immense pride in highlighting the Heyford Park residential development project, nestled within the charming market town of Bicester, UK. Known for its rich history and esteemed as one of the fastest-growing towns in Oxfordshire, Bicester offers a vibrant blend of tradition and modernity. Our Heyford Park project underscores our dedication to deliver superior glazing services while seamlessly adapting to the local character and heritage.

Partnering with renowned contractors, we undertook the Heyford Park project with a shared ambition of crafting a residential development that respects Bicester’s historic charm while offering contemporary, comfortable living spaces. Essential to realising this vision was the integration of our superior-quality glazing systems, designed to heighten aesthetic appeal and ensure robust functionality.

Our dedicated team of professional installers, backed by the guidance of our skilled site supervisors and project managers, ensured the impeccable execution of every aspect of the glazing installation. Utilising the finest quality materials and maintaining a rigorous attention to detail, we achieved a pristine finish that enhances the overall architectural integrity of the Heyford Park residential development.

During the course of the Heyford Park project, we fostered a strong collaboration with our contractors and partners. This collaboration, along with seamless coordination overseen by our Sales & Operations Manager and estimating managers, facilitated the efficient and timely completion of the project. Every stage of the operation, from cost planning to supply chain management, was executed with unerring precision.

The Heyford Park project is a significant accomplishment for ADCO Glazing, reinforcing our commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. It exemplifies our ability to work harmoniously with local communities such as Bicester, integrating their unique character into our modern, high-quality glazing solutions.

At ADCO Glazing, our dedication to excellence is echoed in every project we undertake. The Heyford Park residential development project stands as a vibrant testament to this commitment and serves as a shining example of the high-quality work we consistently deliver across the UK.


  • Status: FINISHED

Creekside Project: Infusing Natural Elegance with Modern Glazing Craftsmanship

Situated amidst the serene landscape, the Creekside project is a beacon of ADCO Glazing’s commitment to creating spaces that harmoniously blend with the natural environment. This project epitomizes the seamless fusion of aesthetic design, functionality, and sustainability – hallmarks of ADCO Glazing’s approach to modern glazing.

The design and construction of the Creekside development are a testament to the technical skill and innovative thinking that defines our work. It comprises a 56-unit residential development and a 1541m2 open-plan commercial floor space, proving that ADCO Glazing doesn’t shy away from complexity. We thrive on it.

Undertaking construction on a very tight site, built out to the boundary lines where the building footprint is almost the size of the site, posed unique challenges. Yet, our highly experienced team, with a deep understanding of glazing solutions, has turned these challenges into opportunities. The site, located on a busy red route and close to the DLR, demanded the highest level of planning, coordination, and execution – all areas in which ADCO Glazing excels.

Creekside’s prominent whole brick façade is a key feature, requiring meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our glazing solutions have been integrated seamlessly into this façade, underscoring our commitment to achieving the highest standards of artistry.

We’ve taken it further by making energy efficiency a focal point in our design strategy. Our meticulously installed glazing solutions significantly reduce heat loss, enhance insulation, and optimize the use of natural light, thus substantially decreasing the energy footprint of the buildings.

The superior craftsmanship of ADCO Glazing in every project is evident in the Creekside development. Our professional team has worked tirelessly to ensure the highest quality finish. In contrast, the carefully chosen glazing systems provide durability, longevity, and optimal performance.

The Creekside project is not just about creating a living space; it’s about curating an experience. It reflects ADCO Glazing’s dedication to redefining how we live and interact with our environment. By creating spaces that are not only beautiful and functional but also sustainable, we are truly changing the face of our cities. We at ADCO Glazing are proud to bring to life projects like Creekside that embody our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability. This is more than just a project to us; it’s a statement of what we stand for.